Alejandra Aponte

"The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue." –Dorothy Parker

First Fig Press

Publishing Exceptional Young Adult Authors 

First Fig Press is dedicated to discovering and giving voice to emerging Young Adult writers.  Tired of the Young Adult market being saturated with vampires, gossip mills, and one dimensional female characters, Alejandra Aponte founded First Fig Press to put into the hands of teens books that truly spoke to their minds, hearts and spirit and provided characters young women can look up to.   

First Fig Press has three goals:

  • To discover the most exceptional emerging writers in the Young Adult market
  • To develop and publish books with meaningful entertaining story and intriguing complex characters
  • To guide the careers of its authors to create commercial win/win successes for both author and publisher

*Please note, First Fig Press is not accepting submissions at this time. 

But check back often as we will be accepting manuscripts for review very soon!*