Alejandra Aponte

"The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue." –Dorothy Parker


Choosy Suzy

It’s getting sort of ridiculous. The amount of books, I mean. For those who don’t know (and possibly probably don’t care): I am currently in the process of packing all of my things, as I’m moving to a rather large city on the East coast early next year. For me, the worst part about moving isn’t my clothes, or my shoes (though they come in a pretty close second–apparently I

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Elementary, my dear Emily (Post)

So I’m back in LA after spending the last two weeks in New York. There was a side trip to Boston, too, to see my bestest friend. She’s in school right now, which meant four nights of restless sleep on industrial-grade college carpeting. On my last day, a Zen-like bolt behind the blue: dorm floor does not good back support make. My muscles wept all the way home on the

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Like, Whiteness

So apparently there’s all this brouhaha over the fact that some people–some messed up INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE people–are kinda upset (or perhaps confused, to use a euphemism) about something in the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games.  They’re confused over the fact that Rue (and several other characters, but I’m specifically talking Rue) was played by an African American girl. I suppose I could go on and on and on

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We, the Cultists

Just over a week ago, my sister got a library card after going without one for over a decade. We went to the central branch of the LA Public Library. She was writing a paper at the time, and needed a particular play, and it was only available at the central branch. So off to downtown we went. Do any of you know what parking in LA is like? It’s

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The A Word

That, kids, is the cover of A Devilish Dilemma one of the best romance novels in existence (shut your mouth good romance novels do exist, okay?). But what do YOU, the kind soul reading this post, and a virtually unknown Regency romance novel from the late nineties have in common? Adequacy. Which is the subject of today’s post. [Also, let me just say that I know I haven’t really be posting lately. I’m

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I’m angry, you guys. Like, really really angry.

So I’m spending the day at home, with Cyd Charisse (my netbook), the newspaper, and my manuscript to keep me company. In a moment of procrastination that started about two hours ago, I checked my Twitter feed. You will not guess what I found. Basically, Sarah Ockler, one of my favorite writers EVER EVER EVER (and no, I’m not kissing ass here, kids. She’s brilliant. Almost every sentence in Twenty

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Two Whales on a Couch

I’m busy packing for New York (haha no I’m not, I’m writing a blog post). I’m leaving tomorrow for a three-week trip. I have a three-hour layover in St. Louis–or Chicago, I don’t remember. (The fact that I don’t remember should be a red flag. Surprisingly, it is not.) I will probably write another blog post while in St. Louis/Chicago for three hours tomorrow. I should be packing, but instead

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